Advanced Call Centers

Figures of Speech

Our call routing solutions centralize and standardize infrastructures for firms with complex queues and multiple locations numbering into the hundreds. By integrating phone operations with data and CRM applications, these systems can bring astounding efficiency and organization to an otherwise unwieldy call center—a benefit to all users.

The Challenge: “We want to direct more incoming calls to our stronger, higher-performing sales agents rather than our lower-producing ones.”

The Verity Solution: When Verity integrates your business call center with your CRM software, we can set up a sophisticated call routing system that fields tens of thousands of calls, dynamically adjusting business rules in real-time based on your predefined criteria. Your key performers, who can log in from any device in any time zone, can service customers and respond to a stream of priority leads efficiently and accurately. Hosted in the cloud or on the premises, the function allows monitoring, logging, and reporting from anywhere.

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